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Wedding Planning

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What is Wedding Planning?

Wedding planners, as the name suggests, assist couples in organizing their big day and make sure everything goes according to plan. In order to lighten the load for busy couples, a wedding planner handles a variety of tasks both in the months preceding the event and on the big day itself.

To make the wedding day seamless and stress-free for the bride and groom, wedding planners conduct the necessary research, communicate with vendors, schedule consultations, and coordinate on the big day.

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Responsibilities of a Wedding Planner

Locate and reserve a ceremony and reception location.
Make a timeline for the wedding day.
Recommend wedding industry experts (flowers, photographer, transport, hair etc).
Making sure the guest accommodations at weddings are secure and maintaining the RSVP list.
Resolving numerous last-minute crises and planning the honeymoon.
Help with wedding party attire, including the bride's dress.
Gathering personal items and presents for the bride and groom's wedding.

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