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Packaging & Label Design

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What is Packaging & Label Design?

Packaging and labeling designs include creative box designs, container designs, can label designs, sticker designs, and so on. Proper packaging and label design for any brand product can undoubtedly lead to greater brand identity success.

The primary function of packaging is to keep the product safe for transport, storage, and sale, but labeling provides important information about the product through the use of printed text, logos, artwork, or other designs.

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Responsibilities of a Packaging & Label Designer

Lead the design process for packaging materials for products, including brainstorming, sketching and creating prototypes
Work with clients to understand their needs.
Evaluate consumer and market trends for packaging materials.
Collaborate with marketing and creative teams, especially graphic designers and copywriters, to create eye-catching designs.
Present designs to clients and stakeholders using sketches and design software; ensures successful representation of clients’ brands.
Redesigns prototypes based on feedback from clients, engineers and consumer safety groups.

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