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How To Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing

If you’re a business owner, it’s time to get serious about growing your company.

The truth is, when you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of running a business and forget about marketing. But if you want to grow your company and make it successful, there are some important things you need to do on a regular basis—and one of them is marketing.

It’s hard to believe that we used to live in a world where businesses were more likely to have an in-person presence than a digital one. But times are changing, and now, digital marketing is the way to go for most businesses looking to grow.

Although traditional marketing techniques have their place, digital marketing should be the primary method used by all companies because it is:

Budget-friendly: Depending on the objectives and available funds of each company, digital marketing offers a variety of strategies. You can adjust your digital marketing strategy to best fit your company’s budget, whether you’re interested in online advertisements or making an organic video.
Fast: Speaking of time, it takes less than an hour to set up and launch an email campaign. Comparatively speaking, that is much quicker than traditional channels, where a campaign may take weeks to take off.
High volume: Blogs and digital content offer the chance to reach millions of viewers if you’re looking to connect with customers outside of your immediate area.

We’ve put together a few important tips you need to know to get started on your business growth plan in 2023!


1. Video Material

54 percent of users want to see more video content from the companies they use to make purchases. Why then do so many companies focus solely on blogs and social media posts?

Your digital marketing strategy needs to include platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. You can engage followers more deeply with video content if it makes sense for your audience.

Get started filming because your smartphone already has a good camera! You’ll feel more comfortable creating promotional videos for your website, social media, and search engines like YouTube as you put more of yourself out there.


2. Personalized Email Marketing

Due to the disappearance of third-party cookies, digital marketing strategies like paid advertisements won’t be as successful as they once were. Owned media, such as email, are significant for this reason.

You fully control your subscribers’ data when you use email marketing; you are not dependent on Google or Facebook to gain access to it. That is strong stuff!

Boost the size of your email list if you haven’t already. To encourage signups, ask customers to subscribe while they are reviewing their online cart or install a kiosk inside the store. To encourage more people to subscribe, you could even give something away for free.

You can quickly send hundreds of emails to subscribers using platforms like Mailchimp. Use the personalization and automation tools provided by your email service provider, however, to truly meet your customers where they are rather than sending out impersonal email blasts.


3. Online Groups

36 percent of Americans report feeling lonely, a percentage that has increased since the pandemic. It is more crucial for brands to unite people in this era of growing disconnection.

Online communities are powerful because of this. You can build a following for your company and give customers the connection they so desperately want if you take the right approach.

You can start small, despite the fact that large companies like Sephora have created entire websites devoted to their communities. Create a private Discord server or Facebook group to connect with your customers.

However, give them a cause to be enthusiastic! Engage the audience by:

  • asking for feedback on new features or products
  • responding to comments
  • asking inquiries
  • featuring participants

Utilize this free digital marketing tool to create your own online community and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know your customers better on a personal level.

4. Mobile-First

Are your email campaigns and website designed with mobile users in mind first? If not, users who access your website on their phones may experience problems with the spacing, formatting, and rendering.

This occurs as a result of the fact that company owners typically create their marketing promotions on a desktop computer, but customers frequently receive them on a mobile device. Businesses should design for mobile first because trying to convert desktop designs to mobile results in strange things happening.

Additionally, you don’t have to be a developer to complete this! For your website, you can use mobile-friendly or mobile-optimized templates.


For many businesses, digital marketing has long been the preferred strategy. However, as consumer trends and preferences shift, you must modify your strategy if you want to maximize your profits. To improve your business enrol in our Grow Your Business With Us course!

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