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Why Study Digital Marketing?

We’re spending more time online than ever as our relationship with technology evolves.

This has completely transformed how brands connect with customers over the last decade, and never more so than during the coronavirus pandemic, which saw a drastic shift in the reliance of companies and consumers alike on online sales channels.

As brands recognize and invest in digital marketing, this expanding industry is ripe with opportunities for those who can develop strategies to inspire audiences and drive sales.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a field that involves creating and managing websites, social media accounts, and other online platforms to market products or services. It also involves using data analysis tools to understand how people interact with those platforms and how they can be improved.

Digital marketers use many different skills like writing copy for web pages and creating ads that will appeal to their target audience on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. They may also use analytics software like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics so they can see how well those ads perform for their company over time.

Here are a few reasons why you should pursue a degree in digital marketing.

Digital marketers are in high demand.

As more companies and businesses recognize the value of digitizing their operations, there is a growing demand for advanced experts in the field of digital marketing to promote their services.

Internet advertising has already surpassed television as one of the most important advertising segments. Furthermore, most CFOs predict that digital marketing will account for more than 75% of their spending in the coming years. Top global brands, such as Google, are actively seeking new generation digital marketers to promote them in the field of emerging innovations.
Furthermore, there appears to be a supply-demand imbalance for qualified digital marketers.

According to Market Hiring Trends, this gap can be attributed to 59% in demand and 19% in supply. As a result, there are plenty of available options for digital marketing positions to fill! You will almost certainly find a secure job if you study digital marketing with a certified course.

It is simple to begin a career.

One of the most appealing aspects of Digital Marketing is that people from any background can enter the field if they have the necessary certifications and experience.

To be a successful Digital Marketer, you do not need a three or four-year degree in any specific field. After finishing your Bachelor’s degree, you can obtain a certification in Digital Marketing regardless of what you previously studied and build a solid portfolio with a variety of projects.

Even in terms of equipment and working style, applying for freelance projects and internships is simple. To study and eventually practice digital marketing, all you need as a beginner Digital Marketer is a laptop, a strong internet connection, and good internet communication skills to put yourself out there. Everything else will fall into place.

Digital marketing jobs are numerous and in high demand.

While Digital Marketing is a subset of Marketing, it also has additional specializations, all of which can be enjoyable and exciting. Taking a digital marketing course will give you access to specializations such as:

  • Social media marketing is the practice of targeting and reaching out to potential customers via social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Email Marketing: Building relationships with customers by making your brand more visible through information and content sent via email.
  • Offline marketing focuses on traditional media such as advertisements, billboards, radio, and print media.
  • Influencer marketing is the practice of recommending and promoting your brand through the use of well-established and well-known experts in an industry who have a social media presence.

You can also work remotely on Digital Marketing projects by selecting clients and projects from other countries. When it comes to the types of clients you can work with, the sky truly is the limit as long as you have the necessary professional skills in Digital Marketing!

Entrepreneurship can be gained through digital marketing.

There is undoubtedly some overlap in the skills that a good Digital Marketer and a dynamic Entrepreneur share.

You will undoubtedly learn certain behavioral skills if you study digital marketing at an accredited institution.

Digital marketers must be self-starters who are proactive, have good communication skills, are quick to respond to market changes, and are excellent at promoting the brand they represent. All of these characteristics set Entrepreneurs apart from their competitors.

Furthermore, in order to plan strategies and use creative methods to inspire people to buy their products, Digital Marketers must have good working relationships with their clients.

Good Salary

According to Glassdoor, in the United States, the estimated total pay for a Digital Marketing is $60,630 per year, with an average salary of $55,758 per year. These figures represent the median, which is the midpoint of the salary ranges calculated by our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries submitted by our users. The extra pay is estimated to be $4,872 per year. Additional compensation may include a cash bonus, a commission, tips, and profit sharing. The “Most Likely Range” represents values between the 25th and 75th percentiles of all available pay data for this role.

Job that is Recession-Proof

Digital Marketing is a “recession-proof” job because it is always needed in every industry. There will always be a need for Digital Marketers as long as the workforce uses the internet and laptop computers for business operations.

We’ve also discovered that it’s pandemic-proof in the last year. Demand for digital marketers increased as businesses scrambled to move their operations online and find new audiences and new ways of marketing their products to differentiate themselves from competitors.

When you study digital marketing, you can be confident that it will be a wise investment and not a sunk cost!

Combination of Creativity and Hard Work

Digital marketing is one of the few professions where you can combine your artistic vision with the goals of meeting targets and deadlines.

While a digital marketing program will provide you with in-depth knowledge of its framework, you will need to develop your own creativity.

While working on a project, you may be asked to do graphic design, video content creation, and photoshoots, all while planning the actual marketing strategy with your target numbers. And, after implementing your digital marketing strategies, you must assess the effectiveness of your creative content and make future decisions accordingly.

You learn how to acquire Insights into Business

Digital marketing is more than just creating an ad campaign, launching it, and moving on to the next. The analysis of campaign results is a critical component of effective Digital Marketing. And doing so effectively is what distinguishes a professional from an amateur in the field.

This is also something that Digital Marketing certifications will thoroughly train you in: gaining insights from data related to your campaigns. You will also need to combine psychology, sociology, and economics to comprehend the following:

  • how to comprehend the needs of customers
  • how to persuade them to do something specific
  • how customer actions can benefit your company

If you find the above reasons compelling to begin your career in the Digital Marketing field, don’t hesitate to apply to one of our three plans: Grow Your Business With Us, Be a Digital Marketing Expert, or Grow & Learn. Apply right away!

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